About Us​

Welcome to Lotus Spa & Thai Restaurant, a haven in the heart of Arusha, Tanzania, where tradition meets tranquility. Established in 2012, our story is one of passion and purpose. Coach Mary, our Thai chef and spa therapist, leads a team dedicated to curating an experience that blends rejuvenating Thai spa treatments with a delectable array of global cuisines.

Our Mission

At Lotus Spa & Thai Restaurant, our mission is clear: to elevate well-being through expert spa therapies and tantalize taste buds with an eclectic menu. We strive to create a space where guests find solace in relaxation and delight in diverse culinary adventures.

Why Choose Us

Choose Lotus Spa & Thai Restaurant for an unrivaled fusion of traditional Thai spa excellence and a diverse culinary journey. Our dedicated team ensures that every visit is a harmonious blend of rejuvenation and flavorful experiences, promising a retreat for the senses.

Our Commitment

Nurturing your well-being is not just a service; it’s our commitment. From the expert hands of our spa therapists to the culinary artistry of our chefs, we guarantee an oasis where relaxation and flavor converge seamlessly. Come, be a part of the Lotus Spa community, where simplicity, professionalism, and environmental consciousness guide our every endeavor.

Elevate Your Experience With Lotus Spa

Indulge in the art of well-being and culinary excellence. Join us at Lotus Spa & Thai Restaurant, where every visit promises a journey of relaxation and flavor. Elevate your experience with us and discover a retreat that goes beyond expectations.

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